Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lee 2

Rangabashyam is affronted and throws ALL of them – Lee and his team, as able-bodied as Butthiran – out of his college. Unfazed, this aloof accumulation joins a battling academy and becomes a force to be reckoned with in their football league. They become such an asset to their fresh Alma Mater that they angle to authority their college’s name appreciative with abounding victories in assorted football matches. Much to Rangabashyam’s fury, Lee and his aggregation access a football clash and win it! He turns Butthiran’s abnegation and all the contest that led to this clash win into a vendetta and vows to booty animus over this accumulation of boys and their coach.

He works at accretion his beef ability and becomes the arch of the state’s Sports Development Authority. With this post, he creates big hurdles for Butthiran’s aggregation and does not acquiesce them to participate in any of the football matches actuality conducted in and out of the state. The bearings becomes so bad for Lee and his accompany that one of them alike commits suicide.

Things about-face actual bad for our adolescent heroes and they aloof abandon from Rangabashyam’s band of blaze with animus in their hearts. Meanwhile, Rangabashyam exults in his achievement as he becomes a able Minister in the state.

The news moves to the present and Chellam assuredly understands the acuteness of affections in Lee and his accompany and offers her support…

The blow of the blur revolves about Lee’s animus over Rangabashyam – how he and his accompany appearance the apple through the media and their confrontations with the villains on not aloof their tragedy, but how bribery reigns in the apple of sports development. The bulletin is, essentially, that there are abundant sportsmen beyond the country and in abstruse towns and villages of Tamil Nadu – youngsters who aspire to comedy the action of their affection well, accustomed the appropriate advance and training. Yet, acknowledgment to short-sightedness and corruption, they are not accustomed the opportunities they deserve, consistent in the absolute nation actuality pushed astern in the apple arena.

At the end, Lee does not aloof become addition victim of a base arrangement or at the added extreme, a vigilante. He has afterwards all committed crimes, all-important admitting they may accept been, and so he serves his bastille appellation and resumes his affection for football – he becomes a coach, aloof like his inspiration, Butthiran.

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