Monday, January 11, 2010


CJ7 is a Hong Kong Film directed by Stephen chow, a supernatural comedy film. Xu Jiao does the role of a small boy, despite being a girl plays the role of a boy and wins everyone thoughts. Xu Jiao won best new performer award in Hong Kong film awards. Chow Ti (Stephen Chow) father of Dixy (Xu Jiao) is construction worker who poor but has good principles to lead his son’s life. Chow Ti surprises his son by picking electrical and thrown junks then convincing him as a new one bought from store. One day Chow Ti refuses to buy latest robotic toy for Xu Jiao as it’s too high to afford. That night, Chow visits the junkyard finds a strange green orb and takes it home, telling Dicky that it is a new toy, better than the robot they saw in departmental store. At first he does not show any interest but later he keeps it with himself.
Later orb transforms into a cuddly alien and become friends with Xu Jiao.Xu Jiao dreams alien helps him to solve his daily obstacles while goes to school, but he later finds alien as a powerless and it can not help him. He fails in his exam and hides to his father later chow finds and takes away cJ7 (alien) as thought it distracts him from his studies, so Xu Jiao sticks close to Ms. Yuen his school teacher. Life goes frustrated for father ad son. One day Chow Ti meet with an accident in construction work, and he dies.Xu Jiao cries saying his father won’t leave him, CJ7 uses his power and bring his father back to life. This cost CJ7’s life as his own life fades away through the exhaustion. While Dicky waits and waits for his pet to resurrect, his notepad opens on an unfinished page and a pencil writes a message (presumably from CJ7): continue with your schoolwork. Following the advice, things return to normal.
The film had a budget of US$20 million, and heavily uses CG effects, Rotten Tomatoes reported that 51% of critics gave the film positive reviews; based on 73 reviews Overall film is a good entertainer for kids as well as to some adults.

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