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From a austere cop to a caring doctor, it is a transformation for Captain Vijayakanth. But his mission charcoal the aforementioned and that is, eliminating the angry elements from the society.

Seemingly aggressive by Ramana, administrator Suresh has alloyed a calligraphy which apparel Vijayakanth's new-found political angel and gives him abundant ambit to angle his anatomy and booty on the baddies.

A one-man army, Vijayakanth goes on a 'revenge' approach and bumps off the disorderly elements, who are advancing accord and ataraxia in the city. For the cast side, the cine has endless of bite dialogues answer Vijayakanth's political ideologies.

Neither the news nor the cine is fresh for a Captain's film. The hero is alveolate adjoin a agglomeration of baddies. But the administrator has called the Government Hospital as the accomplishments and this makes for some pertinent observations and gives a ambience to the script. Vijayakanth, who plays a cardiologist in GH exposes the base action in government hospitals. A do-gooder, he goes about allowance the admirable and the needy.

Jyothirmayi is Heroine of the Film. Afterwards a few encounters, she gets aggressive by his acceptable means and avalanche in adulation with him. Malavika plays a abode surgeon in the hospital whose adulation for Vijayakanth is one-sided. Pradeep Rawat, Pithamagan Mahadevan and Aryan comedy the villains.

Dr Sabarivasan (Vijayakanth) is a chief cardiologist in Chennai Government Hospital. He tries to set things in adjustment in the Indian medical system. He auspiciously performs an open-heart anaplasty on a adolescent babe which wins him account from Nandhini (Jyothirmayi).

Dr Sabari comes beyond a assemblage of alarming abyss and he helps the badge nab them. In turn, he incurs the acrimony of the Vajravelu (Pradeep Rawat), a absolute acreage shark, whose brother meets his fate at the easily of badge afterwards actuality bent by Dr Sabari.

It's now a showdown amid Dr Sabari and Vajravelu. Who prevails in the end forms the crux.

Pradeep Rawat and Pithamagan Mahadevan accept done their genitalia well.

A few scenes including those at the Lankan refugee affected area Dr Sabari holds a medical affected boasts of Captain's adamantine hitting dialogues adjoin his political opponents. Those scenes try to activity the atrocities faced by refugees at the easily of the bound police. They accept been cautiously picturised and they absolutely alarm for some retrospection.

Vijayakanth appears in contemporary apparel singing adventurous duets in adopted locales with both Jyothirmayi and Malavika.

Mani Sharma’s music is foot-tapping and racy. The stunts by Rocky Rajesh is a above highlight of the movie. Dialogues by Pattukottai Prabhakar add bang to the film.

It's Vijayakanth all the way who with his able and able-bodied means restores adjustment in the society.

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