Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Billu (Jayam Ravi) is the son of Mudaliar (Vijayakumar). Mudaliar is abundant admired and admired by bodies of his belt and Billu is about like a advance son to every actuality in the locality.

Billu takes an burning affection for Susi (Bhavana) the moment he sets his eyes on her at the railway station. Susi, who has accustomed from Bangalore to Chennai, is all set to break at Sait’s (Cochin Haneefa) abode and Sait, who has formed for Susi’s ancestor Chidambaram (Lal), a alarming thug, earlier, has afflicted means but retains his account appear him nevertheless. Susi, who has been appetite for adulation and affair back young, gets afflicted with the bonding that the Royapuram association share. Back a Godman predicts that Susi is the one for Billu, she is taken aback. She dreads her ancestor to a abundant admeasurement and fears that things will go chaotic if their accord blossoms into love. But soon, she realizes that she cannot appearance her animosity appear Billu and enjoys actuality in the aggregation of Billu and his friend, back the abrupt occurs.

Susi acts appropriate back a continued absent acquaintance meets her at a restaurant. She denies alive her admitting her acquaintance Revathi’s attempts to allocution to her. Feeling insulted, Revathi walks away, abundant to the agitation and abashing of Billu and his friends. Susi, who gets emotionally high-strung, leaves the restaurant in a breath too. Susi, at this juncture, comes out with the accuracy to Billu. Affected with a action alleged ‘post alarming blow disorder’ afterwards an accident, Susi has abandoned contest that happened in a amount of three years. Billu, who takes her to the doctor (Raghuvaran), learns that this action can be cured, but back she does get cured, Susi will not be in a position to bethink whatever happened and whoever she met at Chennai-Billu included.

This disheartens Susi to a above admeasurement and she persuades Billu to swear her that he would never leave her, alike if she were to balloon him due to her condition. Billu promises her that he would never leave her, appear whatever may. Billu’s chat with Chidambaram infuriates the closing and he anon arrives to Chennai with his aggressor men. Back he is all set to leave to Bangalore with his daughter, the association acceleration to the break and army adjoin Chidambaram. Deciding to comedy it safe, Chidambaram agrees to the assurance amid Billu and Susi and cunningly, thrashes Billu afterwards authoritative him access at a abode far from his locality, at the outskirts. The abandoned Susi campaign forth with her father, escorted by his men, to Bangalore.

When Billu meets Susi at her residence, he gets annihilation beneath than abashed as she has been convalescent and she fails to admit him. But Billu, who had accustomed a chat to his admired that he would never leave her, is not the one to relent. How he tries relentlessly to argue her and what happens with Susi forms the blow of the story.

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