Friday, January 15, 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan review

Aayirathil oruvan Film is about fight between Cholas and pandiyas from past till date. The film is about Pandyas fighting to get back their sacred god statue, which was stolen by cholas in long back time. Pandyas fight a long search from generations to generations to know about findings of their sacred statue. Pandyas finds their statue and has to cross seven obstacles on their way to statue. This movie is really a good try in Tamil cinema, every scene and performances of the movie are new and different. First half of the movie has a mixture of comedy, entertainment, fear, fun, romance and scary. The second half has glamour, mystery and overdoes.
Some extraordinary scenes are remix MGR song and karthik performance in that which was a good surprise treat, chasing of a fish in water that had a good graphics show, reema sen’s gun fight, fight in chola arena, Mystery in natarajar’s shadow are some best and innovative thinking
Some blunder in movie are repeated confusion in second half, Pandyas wearing traditional costumes to fight and shouting in English, Parthiban mimicking gun shooting when the battle was on, Conversation between parthiban and reema sen was a lengthy one and atrocities by military scene can be reduced a little.
Overall movies has a best first half and a confused second half. A different try with full potential.

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