Monday, August 3, 2009

House Of Wax

House Of Wax is a horror movie released in 2005. It was a remake of 1953 film "House of wax" which was again a remake of 1933 film Mystery of the Wax Museum
The film was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.this is a story of a brothers(serial killers). One of them have a Ugly face and the other uses him and
make him feel different from others.He initiates killing's by this weakness. The film,s present starts with 6 youngsters move to watch a football
game in Louisiana.while on their way they ,They plan to camp in forest were they meet a stranger and thrill starts from there.some notable characters are
Chad Michael Murray, Paris Hilton e.t.c Chad Michael Murray had done his moves stylishly. his care for his sister are some
of best scenes in film.
Chad Michael Murray does his best. he would be person remembered for his acting after the movie It's budget was $40 million and revenue $68,766,121 apart from this it have suceeded $42,000,000 in VHS/DVD rentals


Dorothy L said...

That is gross :(

Dana Telecom said...

It is a legend scary movie. :)

Anonymous said...

that nice horor movie. i like that...

Anonymous said...

Nasty but good film!

Anonymous said...

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Krishna said...

House of wax, incidentally happens to be the only film in which Paris Hilton has given some sort of creditable performance in her entire career though she had some minor roles in some more films.

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