Monday, May 23, 2011

Femtocell technology

Communication plays a vital role in our day to day life. We are addicted to communication which is good and now we cannot imagine our world without communication. If it comes to communication mobile communication plays an important role. Mobile communications must be obtained uninterrupted, So to get an uninterrupted communication try femtocell technology.
femtocell technology are extremely useful in conditions. Main advantage of femtocell technology is can be used in natural or any kind of emergency conditions. Suppose a natural disaster like storm, tornado which occur more frequently physical line communications get interrupted more easily to avoid these unconvincing conditions femtocell technology can be used.
They are based on satellite communications and since can be used in extreme natural communications, They can be used in as open mode or closed depending on their need and since loved ones can not lost their communication even if the natural disaster conditions continues for weeks or even months, So thus, a solar-powered charger are used with the satellite communications thus making it special in extreme disaster conditions. Hence femtocell technology can be used as a friendly device in extreme disaster conditions and masking communications possible were even physical damages cannot be used, femtocell technology are trusted satellite communications

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