Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Amy Lee

Amy Lee American singer known for her attracting Voice is one of the Co-fonder of Evanescence. Lee was born to parents John Lee, a disc jockey and TV personality, and Sara Cargill. Amy Lee and her family settled in Arkansas were she started Evanescence. The first sing she wrote when she was 11 years and she had a dream to become a classical composer. Amy Lee married on May 2007 to Josh Hartzler, a therapist and long-time friend, who proposed to her."Bring Me to Life" is the first single from Evanescence's multi-platinum debut album Fallen. "Bring Me to Life" was placed at #73 on Billboard's Best of the 2000s Rock Songs list, making it the only song by a female-fronted band to be included. Bring Me to Life was a massive hit and still considered as one of Amy Lee’s best. In an interview titled "Amy Lee: Back In Black", she said she wrote "Bring Me to Life" about her long time friend Josh. "Bring Me to Life" was Evanescence's first international hit. In the United States, the song topped out at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, in addition to topping the Modern Rock Tracks chart for two weeks, and reaching #11 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks. In the UK, the song debuted at the top of the charts, and remained there for four weeks. In Australia, the song topped the charts for six straight weeks. Elsewhere, the song was a top-ten hit in virtually every country in the world, becoming Evanescence's biggest hit overall.In 2006, Blender listed Lee as one of the hottest women in rock alongside such singers as Joan Jett, Courtney Love and Liz Phair. Many fans of Amy Lee praise Lee for her refusal to emulate other celebrities by using sex appeal in her music.Which one among her best quality. She has stated on a number of occasions that she would never flash her breasts or engage in other publicity stunts that would draw attention to her.

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