Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tummien perhosten koti

Tummien perhosten koti is one among best foreign films that got it's name in 2009. Tummien perhosten koti is a Finnish film released in 2008,Directed by Dome Karukoski and starring Niilo Syväoja, Tommi Korpela, Kristiina Halttu and Kati Outinen.Tummien perhosten koti is based on award winning Novel.
Juhani a 14 year old boy, Who gets affected psychologically by his fathers activities.Due to his disturbed mental behavior he moves to correction center located in an island,The Island is ruled by superintendent Olavi Harjua.Who is strict and fearless person taking care of the whole island.After many foster homes Juhani reaches The Island.There he mets some of boys with the same haunted behavior who needs to be corrected.The movie goes as Juhani suffering to differentiate his present with past In meantime society lost hope with superintendent Olavi Harjua and the funds gets dried up,So they decide to grow their own silkworms,Which is highly impossible with weather around them.Overall Tummien perhosten koti is at it's best in all artistic aspects with a Sick story.Niilo Syvaoja as Juhani and Tommi Korpela as Olavi Harjula have done a fantastic job in acting,At the end Niilo Syvaoja wins all by his oppressed look,directed by Dome Karukoski who won Norwegian national film prize Amanda for best Nordic Debut-Film.
This film is fully green and intense,This shows with a good direction and acting you can make audience sit with whatever story you make!!!Tummien perhosten koti won 2009 Jussi Awards for Best Direction (Karukoski), Best Editing (Ylönen) and Best Supporting Actor (Sveholm).Jussi Awards are considered as Finnish Oscar.It also won Anjalankoski Film Prize and Costa Azul Award.Tummien perhosten koti comes under english title as Home of Dark Butterflies

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see one film here also from my country!
I have seen this movie! I waiting a little bit more from this movie but anyway this was touching film in way or other.
Sometime life here in little Finland could be kind of this movie!

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