Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Raghu (Ravi Krishna) is a blithe youngster, who is not austere about his studies or life. He has a abundant time in academy arena pranks with adolescent students. His dad (M.S.Baskar) dotes on him and so does his abutting accompany (Suman Shetty & gang). A fresh babe Priyanka (Tamanna) joins his chic and she is the sister of Pukazhenthi (Atul Kulkarni) a able bandit angry Minister. Priyanka is built-in with the argent beanery and the academy gets a face lift as her chic allowance is adapted with air conditioner and the canteen gets a hip look.

Priyanka alike manages to change the Principal application her brother’s access and she hates the afterimage of Raghu whom she considers a creep. Aarthi (Ileana) a maid’s babe studies in the aforementioned chic and she has a abstruse account appear Raghu. Seeing the way in which Priyanka treats him, Aarthi gives moral abutment and motivates Raghu to appear aloft Priyanka who is an all-rounder and best apprentice in the university. This infuriates Priyanka who boring “wants” Raghu at any cost.

Priyanka comes to apperceive about Raghu adulation appear Aarthi and she tries aggregate accessible to abstracted them. Pukazhenthi will go to any acute costs to accomplish Raghu ally his sister. In the end Aarthi goes brainy which enrages Raghu who vows animus on Priyanka, he pretends to acquire the alliance and marries Aarthi in the aftermost minute. Raghu comes to apperceive that Priyanka alike murdered her brother in adjustment to alive with Raghu. The blur ends with Priyanka killing herself and Raghu burying Aathi's alternation at Priyanka's grave.

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