Monday, November 29, 2010

Kadhalna Summa Illai

Abhiram or Abhi, (Sharwanand) as alleged by his accompany and family, is the son of a multi-millionaire alleged GK (Vidyasagar). He is built-in and brought up amid bill and for him activity is aloof a bold and he is acclimatized to abundant lifestyle. He dates several girls and one day he comes beyond Janaki (Kamalini), a young, absorbing doctor. Abhi challenges his accompany that he would accomplish her abatement in adulation aural few days. Abhi invites Janaki for coffee afterwards a ball programme and proposes to her.

Janaki, actuality an orphan, is actual affectionate appear the poor bodies and is service-minded. She mingles with poor bodies and provides alleviation to them. But, actuality a affluent boy, Abhi hates those people. However, Janaki's able attributes takes him actual abreast to her and he develops an affectionate friendship. At the aforementioned time, Janaki keeps advancement some ambit and does not accurate her love. Though she brand him, she cannot adulation him as he is not acute to the bodies and things about him. A advantaged accomplishments makes him astigmatic to the adamantine realities of life. By the time, she wants to accurate her love, she learns that Abhi has challenged his accompany about his adulation and decides to accumulate herself off.

While bottomward her at her auberge on his car afterwards a party, Abhi tries to argue her that he is absolutely in adulation with her but she does not accept to him. In the process, Abhi causes an accident, area a woman dies and two of her accouchement become orphans. Janaki survives the accident, while Abhi wakes up from injuries in hospital. Afterwards accepting consciousness, Abhi cannot acquisition Janaki and he decides to go in chase of her on his bike.

In the process, he happens to accommodated a motorbike countdown alleged Gaali Seenu, blithely played by Ravikrishna. Though Seenu is a vehicle-lifter, he is acceptable at heart. The adventure Abhi takes, changes his activity acutely as he is apparent to the adamantine realities of rural activity and yet its simple joys. The landscapes and the bodies he meets takes him through an affecting adventure that alters his perceptions forever. Be it is a teacher, who supports drop kids, a disillusioned ex-militant, a prostitute who craves for love, or his own accompaniment Gaali Seenu, they all aid in his adventure of self-discovery. What is abutting ??? ...

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