Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ravi Shankar (Ravi Krishna) and Sandhya (Natassha), acceptance of a academy in Dindigul, are adulation birds. Back Sandhya's mother and a apple panchayat arch (Nalini) comes to apperceive of their affair, she puts spokes in their wheel. But the caring ancestor of Ravi Shankar (Nazar) sends them to Chennai. For his act, Nazar gets bumped off by Nalini.Upon extensive Chennai, a base badge administrator (Sreeman) apprehends Ravi Shankar on a complaint accustomed by Nalini that he had murdered his ancestor back he put his bottom bottomward on their affair. Ravi is put abaft the bars.

Sandhya is abiding to seek the advice of a Adjudicator (Rajan P Dev) to get a bond for Ravi Shankar. Back she alcove the place, she gets assemblage raped by the badge administrator and the judge, which they additionally videograph. After a alternation of events, the brace decides to accomplish suicide. At this juncture, they comes beyond Sukkran (Vijay ) who advices them to face all troubles boldly.

Again the brace gets addled by the badge and Sandhya gets arrested on (false) accuse of prostitution. All efforts by Ravi to get her out on bond is futile. An agitated Ravi shoots the inspector, the adjudicator and the Minister's son who raped his adherent and escapes with her from the court.

Sukkran accomplish in and promises to save the couple. He appears on account of Ravi and puts advanced abundant affirmation to advice out Ravi. He additionally eventually kills the Minister (FEFSI Vijayan) amenable for all wrong-doings.

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